Lake Effect Snow Soon To Come

The Great Lakes region is well known for being cold and snowy during the winter months. And in the coming days, a cold blast is due to hit the United States of America. Link to the weather forecast: (Credit: Kristina Pydynowski/Accuweather)

The cold blast is going to plunge from the northwest direction. It will send some very cold temperatures throughout much of the USA. This includes the Great Lakes region. This could mean lake effect snow. And this is why.

Currently, the lakes are not as cold as they could be for December. Cold air passing over relatively warm, large bodies of water, carrying moisture. This moisture will condense higher in the atmosphere. With very cold temperatures, precipitation will fall as snow. This is very likely in places like Cleveland, OH and Buffalo, NY. These are cities located on the eastern/southeastern shores of lakes, while cold air will travel from northwest to southeast.

For more details, watch this video.

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