Go West, North, And South, Baseball.


Baseball, America’s Pasttime, it is a sport that has long been beloved in the USA. Spring time in America, the flowers blooming, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Passover, and baseball.

TheGeoScholar blog has mentioned baseball and geography. This is another edition. Up through 1952, Major League Baseball was played in these cities: New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis. 16 teams playing in 10 cities. St. Louis had two teams, Chicago had(and still does) two teams, Philadelphia had two teams, New York City had three.

This changed in 1953. Until 1952, St. Louis,Missouri was as far West and as far South as you went for Major League Baseball. In 1953, the Boston Braves would, as Horace Greeley once quipped, go west, to Milwaukee, and become the Milwaukee Braves. In 1966 they moved south and became the Atlanta Braves. Between 1953 and 1998, Major League Baseball would establish teams outside of the 10 original cities. Milwaukee, WI;Kansas City,MO;San Francisco,CA;Los Angeles,CA;Anaheim,CA;Bloomington,MN(later Minneapolis);Houston,TX;Atlanta,GA;San Diego,CA;Seattle,WA;Montreal,Quebec,Canada;Arlington,TX(suburb of Dallas-Ft Worth area);Oakland,CA;Toronto,Ontario,Canada;Miami,FL;Denver,CO,Phoenix,AZ;St. Petersburg,FL.

There are a few exceptions. Baltimore would inherit the St. Louis Browns, at they would go east and become the Baltimore Orioles. They too tried to go west to Los Angeles, but WWII stopped this. Washington,DC would get a MLB team again in 2005, as the Montreal Expos left Montreal, Major League Baseball’s first Canadian team.

Major League Baseball has grown rapidly within a 5 decade period. For the most part, teams went to cities that were growing in terms of population and economy. California,Texas, Georgia, Washington state, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, they represent the new baseball territories. Montreal and Toronto represent MLB’s international reach. Americans for many years have gone west, far north, and south. Cities have grown in such regions. Baseball began to reach geographically in those directions.

Look at the videos below, and you’ll see something. Compare and contrast the two videos.


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