A Picture’s Worth A Geography Lesson: Guntersville Lake

It is said that a picture is a worth a thousand words. A picture can also be worth a geography lessonn, depending on what one looks at.

The photo below: Guntersville Lake, and Guntersville, AL.


That photo, taken from an airplane, can be said to have some picturesque value. A geography lesson can be gained from this as well. Consider Guntersville itself. Part of Guntersville,AL is located on the peninsula that sticks out into Guntersville Lake. A peninsula is a landform that is surrounded by water on 3 sides. In fact, peninsula comes from the Latin word for “almost an island”.

Another feature about this area is that there appears to be a ridge where the peninsula is. Guntersville Lake is actually a reservoir. It is an artificial lake formed out of the Tennessee River. The Guntersville Dam, built under the Tennessee Valley Authority, is the reason the lake exists. It is the largest lake in Alabama. The long and narrow Sequatchie Valley, which starts in Tennessee, goes through Alabama past Guntersville. The lake covers up part of that valley. East of Guntersville Lake is Sand Mountain, west of Guntersville Lake is Gunters Mountain. Both landforms are part of the Cumberland Plateau, the southern portion of the Appalachian Plateau. The Cumberland Plateau is dissected, which means it has been subjected to heavy erosion. This is part of why the terrain is rugged. The ridge where Guntersville is located near is Dividing Ridge. Dividing Ridge is the remains of an anticline. An anticline is a fold of stratified rock, it folds upward, forming a ridge. In this case, what is Dividing Ridge. Some geology thrown in too.

The Guntersville Peninsula is the product of an anticline, as well as the product of a reservoir being made.

A picture is worth a geography lesson, and many words can come from it.



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